Heat DLeague Affiliate Moved to Albuquerque

I still have a hard time typing Albuquerque, despite the fact that the Marlins' AAA affiliate is stationed there as well. Now it looks like the Heat and the Marlins will have something else in common. The NBA announced that the Heat's D League affiliation will be moved from the Iowa Energy franchise to the Albuquerque Thunderbirds franchise. So, a bit further out west than … [Read more...]

Beasley Workout In Miami Next

Today the Bulls held a private workout for potential #1 overall pick Michael Beasley. Right now, the Bulls are feeling out the top two candidates and seem to be holding back everything in regards to who that pick is going to be. Personally, I think the #1 overall pick, in regards to talent and potential is Michael Beasley. The Bulls, despite their recent high amount of draft … [Read more...]

NBA Officiating Taking Some Heat

There's some hub-bub about NBA officiating these days, huh? Seems it offers so much intrigue that Ralph Nader is getting involved. Guess this is, at its heart, a consumer advocacy issue and not a presidential issue. Six years ago, to the month, Nader called for changes of the officiating process in a letter to David Stern. In the letter, Nader addressed several issues about … [Read more...]