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Are Beasley and Oden Still in the Plans?

With Ray Allen still deliberating about making a decision (either to retire or return to the NBA, maybe the Heat, maybe the Cavs), the Heat are still gearing up for next season. The spots are thinning, which means the Heat only have a couple spots left to sign players like Allen and even Michael Beasley and Greg Oden. Currently the Heat have 13 players on their roster (in no particular order):

  1. Dwyane Wade
  2. Chris Bosh
  3. Udonis Haslem
  4. Chris Andersen
  5. Danny Granger
  6. Luol Deng
  7. Josh McRoberts
  8. Mario Chalmers
  9. Norris Cole
  10. Shabazz Napier
  11. James Ennis
  12. Shawne Williams
  13. Justin Hamilton

So, what about Oden and Beasley? When asked about Oden, Pat Riley responded, “right now, we have not made any decisions…He’s still on our board. We are going to give Greg some thought.” When asked about Beasley, Riley said, “Still a consideration. We talked to his people the other day.” (Courtesy of Barry Jackson)

One has to wonder just how much of a priority, though. The Heat just signed Shawne Williams and seem to be high on James Ennis at this point, who played very well in exile in Australia last season.


Heat Add Shawne Williams

The Miami Heat announced the signing of Shawne Williams today to a 2 year deal worth $2.58M. Williams, the 6 year NBA veteran, was drafted in 2006 out of Memphis by the Indiana Pacers and has bounced around the league a bit, most recently with the Los Angeles Lakers. He averaged 5.6 PPG and 4.6 RPG last season in 36 games, averaging just over 20 minutes a game.

Williams has some range, can rebound, and play the two, three, and sometimes four positions. That said, it would seem that the Williams signing comes at the expense of Michael Beasley, who Pat Riley had been in talks with and was mentioned as a possibility to be signed by the Heat still. Perhaps it was Beasley’s inability to grow defensively that ultimately got him left off the Heat’s 2014-2015 roster.

Williams did shoot only 38% from the field last season and 33% from three. He figures to backup Luol Deng and Danny Granger, but Riley is also very high on James Ennis. Williams did start 13 games last season for the Lakers at small forward and averaged over 1 minutes and shot 39% and 31%, respectively.

Heat Signatures: Free Agents 2014 Signing with Miami

This blog post will just be an updated piece to keep tabs on what is going on. We’ll start Sunday night, 7/13/14.

In the wake of the Lebron James departure, the Heat are certainly not standing “pat” as the franchise still seeks to be competitive and look towards winning a championship. It definitely becomes harder without Lebron, but this is the mantra for this franchise.

Luol Deng signs for 2 years and $20M. He has an opt out after this next season, but his two year window keeps the Heat’s payroll flexible heading into the 2016 free agency period, when notables like Kevin Durant will be available.

Mario Chalmers re-signs a two year deal. What the terms are exactly have not been revealed but again, expect the two year deal thing to become very repetitive moving forward for the Heat as stated above.

Chris Andersen re-signs with the Heat. What the terms are exactly are not known, but Ira Winderman reports it will be a multi-year deal and the terms will be figured out once the Heat’s situation with regard to the salary cap is finalized. It’s pretty safe to say it, also, will be a two year deal to give the Heat that flexibility it wants for 2016.

Danny Granger and Josh McRoberts have also signed with the Heat and are honoring their vocal commitments to Miami. Initially McRoberts was going to get the mid-level exception (MLE) and Granger was going to receive the bi-annual exception but now with Lebron’s departure, that may change. Both players will be given the same terms as before, but how they are counted against the cap will remain to be seen.

Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem are working on their deals.

Chris Bosh re-signed a 5 year $118M maximum deal. This was the first domino that would help put things in place for the rest of the team. With Lebron’s decision to go back to Cleveland, Bosh’s decision provided a lot of stability and a stop to the bleeding.

The other free agents for the Heat have not yet been given deals and their status, at this time, is unknown. Ray Allen may stay, but he may also leave to play with Lebron in Cleveland. Michael Beasley, James Jones, Greg Oden, Rashard Lewis, and Toney Douglas are waiting. Shane Battier is retiring.

UPDATE 7/15/14

Dwyane Wade re-signs with the Miami Heat in probably one of the most generous deals a player of Wade’s status could offer a team.

Wade calls Miami his “home” and returns as one of the rare “Heat-lifers” that you can put up next to Alonzo Mourning. The specifics of the deal are not yet released, but it is estimated to be less than the $20.2M he was signed for over the next few seasons. Wade has a two year deal with a player option in year two, which puts the Heat in place as major players for the 2016 free agency period.

Udonis Haslem has also re-signed, and, like Wade, showed financial sacrifice for stability and a desire to win. According to Ira Winderman, Haslem opted out of the final year of a $4.6M deal to sign a two year, $5.6M deal. The deal will include the use of a salary-cap exception to fit Haslem onto the roster.

Chris Andersen is also re-signing, and will be squeezed into the salary cap as well. Specifics of that deal have yet to be released but the Heat will apparently use their Bird rights to get Andersen a deal above the salary cap.

As for the rest of the bench, the Heat renounced their rights which means they can only be brought back for the veteran minimum. Haslem was included in that group, but the exception will be used to bring him back. Of the group the Heat renounced, Shane Battier and Juwan Howard are retired (Howard retired prior to last season). That means Ray Allen, James Jones, Michael Beasley, Toney Douglas, and Rashard Lewis could each return using the veteran minimum. The Cavs recently announced signing Mike Miller, so it remains to be seen if Ray Allen will stay in Miami or chase after Lebron James.

The Heat also signed James Ennis and Justin Hamilton.


Michael Beasley returns from hamstring injury

Michael Beasley, who had missed about 2 1/2 weeks due to a hamstring injury he suffered back at the beginning of December, had a pivotal role in the Heat’s 122-119 OT victory over the Hawks last night.

Playing 20 minutes, Beasley dropped in 10 points and 7 rebounds, including a three pointer, to help boost the Heat bench and second unit last night.

His ability to cover Paul Millsap in the closing bit of the game was encouraging as it shows that Beasley’s lateral quickness is there and that he is applying it better in team defensive schemes. Erik Spoelstra noted that Beasley has been on the treadmill a lot and getting himself ready. He even had a post game interview in the studio. Beasley will figure to be a key player in the playoff push down the line and may help the Heat edge out contenders like the Indiana Pacers as they have reloaded with Danny Granger getting back to healthy game play.

Heat Rally Late to Pass Upstart Hawks

It took three straight free throws from Ray Allen as he was fouled at the end of regulation to send the Heat into OT, at home, against the Hawks. Then it took two straight free throws from Michael Beasley at the end of extra time to assure the Heat victory 121-119 in OT.

The Hawks would not go away. Meanwhile, Chris Bosh was in the locker room getting stitches for a laceration on his lip.

The Hawks hung tough and, in part, it was due to their attack from three point range – they hit 17 threes on 50% shooting from downtown. It wasn’t enough as the Heat were able to find their footing and slide by the Hawks.

Beasley was able to get some of Erik Spoelstra’s confidence and saw extensive minutes as the Heat were trying to mix and match a way into victory with the Heat. Tonight, Beasley showed tremendous progress on the defensive side of the ball as he took on his assignment, Paul Millsap, and denied him a basket at the end of the game that could have really hurt the Heat’s chances. Beasley’s ability to slide his feet and funnel his defensive assignment under the basket shows that he is getting it – and this is the key, moving forward, for Beasley getting extended minutes.

Lebron James was his usual great self, throwing in 38 points, 8 rebounds, and 6 assists while defending anyone and everyone on the floor down the stretch. He also had another poster-like dunk to get the crowd out of their seats down the stretch.

The Hawks showed they have staying power with solid talent at all positions and a plan that Spoelstra described as a “San Antonio template”. They lead the NBA in assists and are playing very unselfish basketball which kept the Heat on their toes all night defensively.