Is the Heat culture adapting?


In the wake of Chris Bosh's 37 point, three pointer game winner, many are starting to take notice that this Heat team is not just a conglomerate of mercenaries but something more. They are proven winners with a proven system. They have a plan. It is not easy to win one title in the NBA, let alone two in a row. The Heat are shooting for a three-peat and are doing it with … [Read more...]

Miami Heat and MiamiHeatwave Are Back!

With the NBA finally getting things done with their much-anticipated CBA, the games will start on Christmas Day - with our Heat forced to watch the Dallas Mavericks raise their championship banner. And will be right there with the rest of us loyal Heat fans, watching Run DLC shift into year two and finish what they started. Only 66 games until the playoffs, … [Read more...]

Mavericks Stamp Out Heat; Rise to Champions

NBA Finals 2011_Game 6_Mavericks Champs_588x240

It wasn't supposed to end this way, but end this way it did. It was supposed to end with Wade and Lebron, hugging at center court, with the trophy in their grasp. It was supposed to be a moment of elation, a moment of validation. It was supposed to be a moment where the criticism and the titles of "soft" and "not clutch" melted away. In a way, it was - just not for Lebron … [Read more...]

Dear Miami; Really is Now or Never

A lot of hulabaloo over losing Games 4 and 5 in Dallas, huh? Well, the stats say 73% of teams that win Game 5 win the series. So, it is the Mavs series to win. Then again, wasn't Dallas up 2-0 heading to Miami back in 2006? That team just needed one win in Miami to take control of the series, too. Something to ease our minds: "Dear Miami, you're the first to … [Read more...]

Dirk Has Cold, Heat Goes Cold in Game 4

NBA Finals 2011_Game 4_Dirk Nowitzki Jason Terry_580x240

If you told me that the Heat would shoot 42% and get very little production - on either end of the floor - from one of their best players in Lebron James and still have a chance to win, I would have laughed in your face. No way. You would add that the game would be won in the low 80's and the Heat would only lose by 3 on the road, in Dallas, with the Mavericks backs against the … [Read more...]