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How to Get Noticed by Basketball Scouts

With the recent signing of Reggie Williams onto the Miami Heat Team there’s no doubt that there will be young basketball players trying to break into the NBA and want to know how they can be as successful as Reggie.

So with that in mind we’ve collected some tips from our talent pool of experts for any struggling young stars or those with kids in high school teams that are trying to get noticed by scouts and maybe one day join the Miami Heat team.

First up the most obvious piece of advice is  to hone your skills. You may be the best player in your college team but that doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be people better than you in other counties who can run rings around you. So you should be spending every day in the gym working on everything including basics like dribbling, shooting and passing.

Once you’ve got  your training down your next move is to go to as many games and participate as many tournaments as you possibly can. Talk to coaches and get their feedback on what you need to improve on. Don’t just take it for granted that you’re doing the right thing as there’s always something to improve on.

You should also try reading reviews on websites about players and other teams to find out about their performance, like how sites like  evaluate bingo sites and how good they perform, but with basketball.

Another thing you should consider is documenting every match you play in to create a highlight reel. Take this to games and give to scouts that show up. That means even if you’re not playing you’ll still have something to offer. If you plan on making a tape, you should keep it no longer than 6 minutes as scouts will lose interest after that.

If you can afford it you should also try going to basketball training camps, not only will these help hone your skills but quite often they’re attended by scouts who’ll want to see what the new local talent is like.

Also remember that it’s incredibly difficult to get scouted, to put it into perspective 1 in every 100 college players gets noticed by a scout and out of those at least 5 or less gets put on a professional team.

So if you or your kid dreams of one day playing professional basketball then try out a few of these tips and you could soon be on the road to becoming a successful player.