About Carmelo Anthony and the #Heat …

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Amid their quest for a third-straight NBA championship, the Heat’s Big 3 apparently have also been considering future plans for the team even more audacious and unprecedented than originally joining forces in 2010.

LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade are giving serious thought to opting out of their contracts before July 1 and then resigning for substantially less money in order to make room for current New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony, according to a report by ESPN.com writers Brian Windhorst and Marc Stein.

Brian and Marc wrote all about how it could work right here. BASICALLY, Carmelo wants a championship, LeBron is super rich and getting super richer by the second, Bosh loves Miami and stuff, and Dwyane, well, Dwyane would do pretty much anything to sell shoes in China, so, naturally, they’d all happily give up bank vaults full of Micky Arison’s money and James Dolan’s money to make this happen.

A few things came to mind, initially, when I first read this story:


1. Mike Miller is probably less than happy about all this.

2. I heard the Heat wants Teen Wolf, too. Teen Wolf could be running the point for Wade, Bron, Melo and Bosh next year.

2a. No wonder Chalmers has been pressing.

3. But more about Teen Wolf. With The Wolf on board, the five starters of the greatest basketball team ever assembled would all have four-letter names, because if this happens, you know they’ll be hearing a lot of four-letter names. So, Wade, Bron, Bosh, Melo and Wolf it is. And all on the Heat. It all seems so … efficient.

4. And if Wolf just can’t agree with all the Spoisms, then Cole will have to do.

5. Heck, just let LeBron play point guard and start Udonis Haslem at center.

6. Bring back the Warden.

7. Bring back Miller.

8. What if Micky signed Carmelo and then sold the team? I mean, could he get $4 billion for it? 

9. Dolan, man. Wow.

10. This is whack.

11. A potential roster for the 2014-15 season:

Teen Wolf      Dwyane Wade     Carmelo Anthony      LeBron James    Chris Bosh

Norris Cole     Ray Allen            Rashard Lewis          Chris Andersen   Udonis Haslem

Draft Pick?      Mike Miller         James Jones            Justin Hamilton    The Warden

12. Justin Hamilton is the luckiest man alive because I think he’s going to make this roster next season.

13. Barry has reminded me that Miller can’t resign this summer because of amnesty rules, but, hey, a kid can dream.

OK, after my initially thoughts about Anthony joining the Heat, I then reminded myself once again that this is all whack, right? And then I checked Barry Jackson’s Buzz Blog, because Barry broke down the numbers. I got about a quarter of the way through numbers and then I stopped reading about HOW it could work because if the players WANT it to work, then it will work. It’s their money. It’s their happiness.

Oh, and that’s right, Game 4 is in a couple hours.

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