Crazy From the Heat; Game 2 Shaping Up For Drama

Menstrual cramps? Really? Olden Polynice seems to be trying his hand at standup comedy, since his playing days were obviously the only thing that could generate a laugh.


Polynice even claims Lebron couldn’t play in the 80s – probably because of the short shorts. Sure the Boston Garden was hot, but last I checked it was Polynice who was factoring in at all during those contests. He barely played, let alone played in the 80s. What does he know about preparing for winning a championship, let alone being the best player of his generation approaching immortal status?

Apparently about the same as he knows about humor.

If you do a quick search on Twitter for #lebroning you will find whitty things like this:


Then you have coach Erik Spoelstra saying the Spurs should be fined if they don’t have the A/C back on.

Has everyone lost their minds?

Sure, it was hot. 90 degrees at court level. The fans in the nosebleeds must have been brewing their own tea. And yes, it affected both teams, but to not have the best player in the game for the final 7+ minutes of the opening game is damaging to your chances.

What everyone seems to forget is that the Heat generated 20+ turnovers from the Spurs. They did so with Lebron IN the game. They were +10 with Lebron in the game, too. All of sudden, Lebron can’t return and the Spurs hit on 88% of their shots. Danny Green gets hot – pun intended.

To put it mildly, forgetting the malfunctioning A/C, the Heat lost a game where the opponent shot 88% in the 4th quarter with Lebron James only playing 32 minutes for the game. The Spurs scored 36 points to the Heat’s 17 in the 4th. To put that in perspective, the Heat outscored the Spurs 29-20 in the 3rd quarter. If Lebron was able to continue playing, what would have stopped the trend? The Spurs made plays – they are not the Pacers after all. They are a veteran team that has won 5 titles in their franchise history and Coach Pop was there for everyone of them. Same goes for Tim Duncan.

In fact, this game really is about getting out coached by a master like Popovich. Spoelstra was riding his rotations a little too heavy and in that facility, with no A/C, it ended up hurting them in the end. The Heat just simply flamed out as Lebron reported his whole left side was cramping up.

Which brings up another point. Lebron is a physical freak with very dense muscle tissue. His body can be compared more to a thoroughbred horse, with finely tuned muscles. Any of those get off track and the whole house comes crumbling down. Lebron is like a race car, a Ferrari, more so than a pickup truck like Duncan (rusted out but still reliable). Precision tuned, it will take a lot to get him back into working order. Lebron has been durable his whole career. The fact that people would poke fun at his cramping up just shows how easy of a target Lebron has become and yet, how much his fame transcends the sport. He creates a lot of visibility for the league.

Do you think people would have poked fun at Tim Duncan if he cramped up and couldn’t play?

Everyone just got crazy from the Heat. Game 2 will be a better representation of the Heat’s chances in this series – which will prove to be formidable for three reasons: the A/C will be back on; the Heat lost the opening game in last year’s Final, which was actually in Miami; and they have Lebron James. Full throttle and angry.