How Long Term is Toney Douglas’ Stay in Miami?

Now that the trade has settled and Toney Douglas has even performed in Battioke with the rest of his new teammates, what are the plans for the former Nole?

First of all, the Heat actually saved about $15M in the long run with this deal. They freed up about $3.8M from Joel Anthony’s contract and also acquired $6.4M and Douglas in the deal. Dealing with some uncertainty with Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh pondering what direction they will head into this summer, this frees the Heat up to entice players to stick around.

The question is, does Douglas fill the role of a backup shooting guard the Heat were looking for? He can play solid defense but is not a lock-down defender; his offense is not efficient as his 37% shooting percentage can attest. That said, he has some electricity and could be a streaky option to help on days when Wade is unable to go. Maybe playing off of veteran influences like Ray Allen and working with Erik Spoelstra, Douglas can refine his game and become more efficient.

If Douglas is the answer for the interim, the looming trading deadline will pass without much incident for the Heat. Otherwise, the Heat could find themselves to be a major player to shore up their needs as they make the run towards the playoffs.