Battioke Strikes Again

You can hear the screeches rolling through the night air here in south Florida. You know what that means, time for “Battioke” – Shane Battier’s annual charity fund raiser where the Heat grab a mic and let it rip. Shrills leave everyone throwing money to get it to stop. Earplugs are extra. Here are some of the highlights.

Chris, Dwyane & LeBron performing Jodeci’s “Come Talk to Me” during #Battioke2014

@ChrisBosh wasn’t done… the reigning Battioke champ brought down the house with Digital Underground’s “The Humpty Dance” #Battioke2014

The HEATLES @dwyanewade @ud40 & @kingjames on stage now with ‘Blurred Lines’ at #Battioke2014

Battioke2014 is a wrap! Here’s a snippet of tonight’s @MiamiHEAT team finale!