Are the Miami Heat interested in Andrew Bynum

Do the Heat really need to load up on some “Bynamite”?

Turns out the Cleveland Cavs gave up on Andrew Bynum, suspending him indefinitely, and may be releasing him as well. The 7 footer just can’t seem to get back on track since his days in LA with the Lakers ever since a blockbuster trade that involved then-Magic center Dwight Howard.

There are two teams that have immediate interest in Bynum, the LA Times reports. The Clippers are one, which could prove interesting since Bynum would be shoe-horned right back into a familiar environment, and the Miami Heat are another.

The Clippers would have interest in Bynum if he was released by the Cavaliers, according to several NBA executives who were not authorized to speak publicly on the matter.

But according to one Eastern Conference executive, the Clippers would have competition for Bynum because the Miami Heat also would have interest in the seven-footer.

If the Heat pursue Bynum, it then becomes a situation about getting minutes with Greg Oden and Bynum potentially competing for backup minutes. It also means the Heat would have to drop someone to make room for Bynum; who that would be would remain to be seen. Oden still has not made his regular season debut and reports are he is making great progress and is almost ready. Is interest in Bynum indicative of another story here?