Ray Allen Still Adjusting His Game

He Got Game for sure. And even at 38, Ray Allen‘s still making adjustments – and that might be the reason why he continues to find the fountain of youth in the NBA.

Despite his 3 point field goal percentage (37.8%) being down this year, his overall field goal percentage is up (46.6%), the highest it has been since 49.1% with Boston back in 2010-2011. After tonight’s two-dunk performance, Allen noted that teams are just defending him tighter along the perimeter and daring him to take defenders off the dribble.¬†Allen has always been an efficient scorer and excellent at moving without the ball.

For those of us who can recall, Allen had a brief career as a movie star. Appearing as Jesus Shuttlesworth in Spike Lee’s aforementioned He Got Game, Allen played the main character who was being recruited out of high school to play college ball. The NBA has recently declared it will allow players to sport “nickname” jerseys (gee, another marketing ploy) and Spike Lee is enthusiastically supporting Allen’s move to use his old movie star character name. See a picture here. Of course, Spike Lee needs to do something to promote himself a bit these days and, well, the Knicks still suck.

Arguably, Allen’s biggest role has been that shot he sank with 29 seconds left that changed the Heat’s championship fortunes. Coach Greg Popovich still laments,¬†“It goes through my mind every day. It’s gone through my mind every day since the game, and I’ll be happy when it only goes through my mind once a week.”

Ray Allen: He Still Got Game – do we sense a sequel, Spike?