White Hot Playoffs 2012 Have Begun

This year, the Miami Heat have decided to go again with the White Hot theme for the playoffs. They did this last season and back in 2008 and in 2006 when the franchise won their first ever championship.

The redemption has begun as the Heat set their sites on a 2012 NBA playoff run looking to finish what they were unable to pull off last season – a championship.

The Heat are favored by most of the odd pickers to take home the hardware and in the East, they are currently the #2 seed facing the Knicks. The Bulls, the top seed, are taking on the Sixers but the recent injury to Derrick Rose has definitely left a big opening for the Heat. The Magic are without Dwight Howard while the up-and-coming Indiana Pacers look to make strides in this year’s playoff. The other series, between the Celtics and the Hawks, looks to be a very even matchup in the first round but may prove to be about whose experience will make the difference.