Wade Limiting Public Appearances: Is the Sky Falling?

There is a sick feeling lingering in the stomachs of most Heat fans these days as the 2010 free agency begins to grind to actuality from mere speculation. Sure, there is a lot of talk about how the media overblows things and then again, everyone has an agenda out there. The only way to look at this is as if you are trying to keep your finger on the pulse of a spy network or perhaps a political campaign. What might transpire one day will certainly change the next.

The Heat have Wade as their top priority. Ira Winderman writes on the Sun-Sentinel that this is all being over blown – this talk of Wade to Chicago for his personal life.  Sure, it might be but the evidence is starting to stack up in favor of the Chicago migration.

It has been reported that Wade’s public appearances are being tightly controlled from here on out. His public appearance at the charity event at Nova University for his youth basketball camp has been changed in that he won’t be fielding any questions. The same goes for his appearances at Zo’s Summer Groove. Wade met with owner Micky Arison today shortly after arriving back in Miami (apparently en route from a slight stop off in South Carolina) – what was the nature of that conversation? Surely Wade knows the Heat have him as top priority so there isn’t anything to report there. Unless Wade has something to talk to Arison about – it could be simply an update on the status of the team’s future roster but more importantly, it could be a sit down for Wade to let Arison know his intentions for leaving.

The Heat organization is moving forward with promotions to raise awareness and push to show how much the fans in south Florida love Dwyane Wade. All of this is obvious. His silence can be interpreted in only one way – he has not committed to the Heat for the next 6 years. Sure, he hasn’t committed to any team yet, but if you’re a Heat fan, you’ve got to be wondering where this is leading. Whatdotheyknow.com indeed.